A blessing in disguise

My limited zoom range (as I’m having a hard time finding a lens adapter to rig up my gear) is a challenge and a blessing in disguise. The challenge is when taking subjects from a far and doing candid shots is almost impossible.

Now, it is also a blessing in disguise because that limited zoom range forces me to ask permission when taking photos of people. Yes, it is disrespectful not to mention awkward to just “shoot” random somebody in the face. Imagine if somebody does that to you?

My portraits are permission-base. I talk to people, get to know them and ask the permission if I can take the shot. I only give myself 2 reps max to perfect my frame. Talking to the subject (just like what I’m doing here with these kids) is also essential so I can understand their story and from there, bring it to life with the right image composition.

There’s so much to learn around us. Now I’m questioning myself for not doing this sooner than I should had.

A penny for you thoughts on this story?

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